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VAN OBBERGEN birdfood is well-known in the world of canary breeders. VAN OBBERGEN eggcake does exist for more than 30 years, nevertheless the last couple of years the continuity of VAN OBBERGEN was in danger. Frans the founder of VAN OBBERGEN is already over 70 years old. A lot of canary breeders in Belgium, The Netherlands and France did use this eggcake with the lovely smell for decades. Suddenly the company Joels came in the picture to take-over the business of Frans Van Obbergen. In between September and October 2013 both Frans and the company Joels agreed on the terms and conditions to continue producing VAN OBBERGEN eggcake. Joels is producing the VAN OBBERGEN eggcake with the same ingredients the same packaging and the same well-known smell. We received multiple phone calls, mails, … to congratulate and thanks us to continue producing the VAN OBBERGEN eggcake. That’s wonderfull and does give us a lot of motivation to do some more investments in VAN OBBERGEN!

What’s new ?

The 15 kg paper bag did get only a more modern and professional label on it without really changing the original one. Besides that a 4 kg bag was introduced to attract more breeders. The smaller package is ideal to test the VAN OBBERGEN egg cake for your birds. VAN OBBERGEN eggcake was known as eggcake especially for canary. We would like to change this. Nowadays, VAN OBBERGEN does have eggcake for european finches, exotic finches, small and big parrakeets and parrots.All available in the 4 kg plastic bags or 15 kg paper bags.

Why do breeder like the VAN OBBERGEN eggcake ?

The structure is a little bit taller than most commercial eggcakes.Because we don’t crush the eggcake, the eggcake keeps its natural structure. It does have less dust and will be accepted by the birds. The smell and taste are delightfull for the birds.

VAN OBBERGEN eggcake does not contain synthetic colors. All our ingredients are produced seperately to keep there natural structure and color.

The last step in production process is mixing the ingredients into a lovely cake. The VAN OBBERGEN cake does have sufficient proteins adapted to your birds.


VAN OBBERGEN eggcake is since the take-over 4 months ago already available in more than 30 shops in Belgium. We dove a distributor in The Netherlands and in Germany. Interested to become our general distributor in your country. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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